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Our nuanced team offers 35 collective years in pioneering design, development and manufacturing of visionary solutions for the oil and gas industry worldwide. Their hands on oilfields experience spans the industry's various terrains. They deliver actionable knowledge and expertise relevant to robust business development, increased operational safety, enhanced productivity, increase in revenues and diminished liabilities.

Ruth Ibanez, Inventor

Founder, President and CEO of Black Gold Technologies Corporation - Ms. Ibanez is the inventor and patent holder of the SmartBOP Blowout Preventer and Oil Spill Management and Recovery System.  She advances the technologies of the oil industry to "AI from the wellbore to the web".

The SmartBOP Story

An advocate of early childhood development, Ruth C. Ibanez can only look back at her childhood of broken toys. Curiosity trumps pleasure of play, and wide eyed "ohs!" of discovery builds stock knowledge from every broken part that specified functionality.

Curiosity served her well in the evolution of the SmartBOP. Curious about the events at the Gulf of Mexico, she delved into and dissected every news article describing the catastrophic Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Appreciating that volumes of pressure is best managed rather than controlled, she designed a BlowOut preventer that is Chambers based to use as bleeders to vent to containers or loading ships should volumes of pressure spike unexpectedly, and prevent erosion and worst explosion. The technology is fully computerized to ensure real time monitoring and surveillance of the well bore.

The initial patent application was titled CAT an acronym for Cap and Tap. With thought references to Newton’s Laws. Having no background in the oil field, she set out to provide a solution in response to every disturbing problem that was defined in news. i.e. Volumes of Pressure, Velocity, Erosion, Freezing. Her health concerns for the affected and love of the environment sent her into overdrive. After four grueling days and four sleepless nights, in those fateful months of spring that rolled into summer in 2010, the SmartBOP is born. The technology received 2 Patent Certificates from the United States Patent and Trademark office. US patent numbers 9109430 for structure on August 8, 2015, and 9850729 for Method on December 26, 2017.

The SmartBOP solution is ahead of its time. It stands in the gap. Bridging the bleeding edge of change. The need for a new generation oil and gas technology has caught up.

On 2016, the US regulations mandated the requirement of well real-time monitoring for all blowout preventers operating in the Gulf of Mexico. Therefore, with the increased emphasis on well safety, the offshore oil and gas industry has been working to develop new technologies and business relationships that can help operators and drilling contractors improve well control and integrity. Source Mordor Intelligence

On June 2022, at the Reuters Event held in Houston, Texas, Reuters Report confirms, “Data digitalization will not only help oil and gas companies scale operations but also ensure environmental benefits, attract top talent, improve safety, and maximize assets.”

Previously, Ms. Ibanez, did the pioneering work in the design and development of a hospital wide software system that was pivotal in the proliferation of electronic medical record in hospitals and private practice. A hotelier by profession, she has opened two five-star hotels in Dubai (The Hyatt Regency and Galleria) and Abu Dhabi (The Inter-Continental Hotel) and later worked at the Sheraton in the Capacity of Public Relations Director. Her secret to overcoming gender and cultural barriers? Know your place. Always.

She did course work in Biology at the Adventist University of the Philippines and Optometry at the Manila Central University.

She is the producer of a master class concert series for the West Village Concerts at the Manhattan Seventh Day Adventist Church, featuring world renowned David Starobin, Guitar, Vassily Primakov, Concert Pianist, Michael Crane, Composer, Arranger, Concert Pianist, and the late extraordinaire Kenneth Cooper, Maestro, and Harpsichordist, to name a few. A soprano, she has studied under the tutelage of pedagogue Josephine Mongiardo. In her leisure she enjoys photography, as well as writing poems and songs.

Her childhood highlight was to be chosen among the girl scouts sent by then First Lady Mrs. Imelda Marcos to travel throughout Southeast Asia as Ambassadors of Goodwill, and meet with each country’s respective First Ladies, and Scout Leaders.

Two words describe Ms. Ibanez. Visionary and unaffected. Her secret to prolific creative expressions. “Just do it. Passionately.”

Black Gold Technologies Corporation, New York is currently seeking a Strategic Alliance or Alliances with a group of corporations for the purpose of integrating the SmartBOP into existing or future BOP installations. It utilizes standard running, landing procedures subsea, and utilizes standard strings, bolts and couplers. The SmartBOP stands in the gap. In the bleeding edge of change. Waiting to serve. Offering a new solution for a safer work place, better environment, and cost efficiencies all around.

Phil K. Schultz
Vice President Operations

Broad View Diagnostic and Analytics Division - A world-class pioneer in the oil industry’s down hole video telemetry monitoring services. He has designed, built, tested, and deployed the industry’s leading state of the art oil and gas well down hole video camera systems. The system was first introduced in the US in 1990 and completed hundreds of service operations, including the deepwater offshore projects for more than 25 customers including ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Hess, and Anadarko.

At Eastman Whipstock, the largest directional drilling and sub-surface survey company (now Baker Inteq) he served as the New Technology Product Line Champion and PSL Manager. 

Later he was recruited to head Down Hole Video International’s R&D Team and became a patented inventor. In his capacity as Vice President & General Manager of Down Hole Video International, he prepared the commercialization business plan for the Board of Directors, negotiated global contracts with Halliburton and built the company into a successful, growing, multi-national organization.

A few years later, he was installed as Down Hole Video International’s President and CEO, expanding business interests in Asia/Oceania Operations, Middle East Operations, Dubai, the United States and Canada. Part of his responsibility was to establish oversight of three Global Manufacturing Units, DHV, Kinley, and SmartTrac; as well as these related services: E-Line, Slickline, Fiber Optic Logging Units, Down Hole Logging, Camera Services, Kinley & Sondex Caliper Services, Kinley Power Tools, Sondex PL & Casing Evaluation Tools, Pressure Transient testing, TCP, Escape (Casing Conveyed Perforating) and Wireless Well Monitoring Services.

He is a published author and global lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers. 

Jay Andampour, Ph.D., P.E.
Vice President Engineering

Dr. Andampour has experience working for major international oil field operations and oil service companies with full responsibilities related to: Plant Management, Research and Development,  Manufacturing, Design Analysis, Technology Qualification & Verification, Risk Management (FMECA), Corrosion Control, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Product Certification Testing. Also responsible for Sales Inquiries, Servicing, and refurbishment of onshore and offshore completion equipment, i.e. Wellhead, Xmas Tree, Valve, Actuator, Choke Manifold, Pipelines and Blowout Preventer Development, repairs, and refurbishment.

He has led and directed a large team population to enhance productivity and profitability. He has knowledge of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using ANSYS-PC, and Nastram Thermal and Structural Analysis Applications.

Dr. Andampour has performed extensive product verification (PR1 & PR2 tests in accordance with API 6A, 17D requirements for metal to metal seals, valves, elastomer seals, connectors and well head equipment. Additionally he has verified the design integrity process by modeling elastic/plastic analysis and conducted testing utilizing high temperature gagging strain.

He possesses broad knowledge of onshore and offshore standards: API 6A, 6D, 17D, 16A, 17N, 17Q, NACE, MR-0175, ASME, ASTM, DNV prescribed practice A-203 and DNV Standards.

Dr. Andampour has managed design and fabrication of the International Space Station and Space Shuttle hardware at NASA.

Principal Subsea Engineer, DNV GL (Formerly DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability); VP Engineering, Delta Doha Corporation; Managing Director Consultant, GE; Plant Director, Cameron; Managing Director/Co-Owner, CET Engineering Services; Senior Design Engineer, FMC Technologies; Project Engineer, GE (Vetro/Gray Tool), Project Manager, NASA.

Charlie Chapman
Principal R&D Engineer

Certified in Solidworks 2005-2014, Creo 2, AutoCad, Pro-E, Inventor, Windchill Data Management, Cosmos/Simulation, EPDM Data Management, JD Edwards ERP, Smartteam Data Management, Syteline ERP, Mathcad, Microsoft Project/Office Suite, Solidworks certified professional (instructor), Cosmos certified professional (instructor), Motion certified professional (instructor).

A seasoned R&D Project Manager he has spearheaded development of various projects some of which gained patent status, while others are patent pending registered under his employer’s name. The secret of this innovative bent is the willingness of his employers to allow him to express and design new components that improve existing systems. At Stream-Flow he developed multiple casing and tubing hangers and completed the hydraulic lubricator project which is still in use. At Weir Oil and Gas Seaboard his team developed and tested new concepts pertaining to surface and subsea wellhead equipment that met customer needs and industry standards. He created 11” and 13” Anti Rotation Tools for landing hangers (Patent 2014/0305659 A1); brought all Engineering Design Books up to current API standards in the 6 month timeframe allotted; implemented the first ever Product Data Management System (EPDM); oversaw a multiyear project for the first ever subsea capping system developed for Shell, which was completed on time and below budget; implemented design software change from 2D (Autocad) to 3D (Solidworks) to increase production and reduce errors; implemented FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis) process for all designs per API Q1. At Control Flow Inc. he developed a new 7” thru 13” shear ram (Patent Pending); developed a new casing shear ram bonnet for the 13” and 18” ram bops (Patent Pending); redesigned a more cost effective and robust seat and gate for the 7-10 & 15M” frac valves; was the final checker of drawings, procedures, bills of material, calculations and manuals. Responsible for insuring all design booklets, systems and procedures were compliant with API 6A and API 16A. While at T3 Energy Services, as Lead Analyst he utilized Mathcad 14 and Cosmos 2007 to create models and assemblies of BOP wellhead and valves; oversaw drawings and models; validated all design books and test results; created O&M manuals and testing of new and improved equipment; was the Smarteam/Solidworks administrator; developed 2-1/16”, 2-9/16”, 3-1/8” slab gate valves; participated in the development of the 6091 subsea ram bop of (certain components Patent Pending). He was an Application Engineer at Texas Engineering Systems. He served as Lead Senior Engineer/Administrator at Monoflo/Halliburton. As Design Engineer at Gilmore Valve Co. he designed the Mark III metal to metal sealing shuttle valve (Patent Application #63184000), as well as a poppet control valve-internal poppet. As Mechancal Design Engineer at Keystone Valves & Controls he completed a re-design of electric actuator line per Nema, ISO and ANSI standards and created new designs of components for QTC quarter turn butterfly valves 2”-14”. As Mechanical Design Engineer at MGI Pumps Inc. he participated in the design and production of a disposable polymer core for bi-lobe and tri-lobe pump rotors, a split gland follower for ease of maintenance in the field for pumps, and coordinated the compilation of bills of material, test procedures, material specifications and O&M manuals.

Robert S. Rodriguez
Senior R & D Engineer

Experienced in prototype development. Proficient executing 3D and 2D renderings that include dimensions, tolerances, surface finishes, formats, parts assemblies, testing and machining prints using SolidWorks for manufacturing of oil drilling tools. These responsibilities also included uploading and maintaining all rendering data, i.e. drawings, assemblies, specifications, and BOMs in to the PMD/PLM Sytem/Smarteam. Was in charge of drawing and documentation management and protection of company’s intellectual property. Utilized Smarteam as a tool to manage BOM (Bill of Material) and forecast the material, machining, and machinery requirements. Adhered to specific engineering requirements in detailing various types of valves while working with a pressure control group. Has designed Expandable Sand Screens for down hole well completions utilizing AutoCAD, and created detailed prints of components and large assemblies drawings compliant to ASME Y 14.5M GD&T. Supported other designers in the design of Solid Expandable Group as Group Windchill Administrator. Maintained records in the product data management system Windchill PC’s-PDM. Experienced designer/drafter for Subsea drilling and Well Completion/Packers using Pro Engineer and Autocad 2000 to model and create drawings based on design intent and project scope. Team member in the design and establishment of the early stages of the New Matrix Manufacturing Data Collection System “Schlumberger Product Data Management System”. Established company drafting standards.  Examined prints and other documents for engineers, machinists, and programmers. Proficient in AutoCAD 13, 14, and 2000, Autodesk Inventor, and Pro Engineering Cad/Modeling Applications. Produced drawing detailing based on ANSI 14.5.1994.

Senior Mechanical Designer/PDM System Administrator, TerraVici Drilling Solutions; Mechanical Designer II, T3 Energy Services; Mechanical Designer, Tapco Curtiss Wright Company; Designer Drafter II – Expandable Sand Screens and Solid Expandable, Weatherford; Designer/Drafter – Subsea Drilling and Well Completions and Packers, Schlumberger; Director of Digital Information Webmaster, Manufacturing Engineer & Technical Support, Assistant Network Administrator, Knust SBO.

Stewart Will
BOP Control Manager

Deeply knowledgeable in acoustic signaling for subsea long range wireless communications, particularly the Kongsberg and Sonardyne brand systems. Adept in the intricacies of FSOs (Free Space Optics) suited for surface of low distance communications. Experienced in the design of Ocean Battery Packs specific to extended battery life cycle. As a Subsea Mux Control Systems Engineer, he coordinated with engineers and vendors in developing and implementing solutions to subsea control problems. Facilitated use of data to process clearly and communicate recommendations to generate real event solutions. Reviewed manufacturer drawings and calculations, inspected work done by subcontractors and vendors. Commissioned systems development and communicated with rig personnel on the proper operations and maintenance of systems. Assisted with in between well operations and downtime events. Maintained trackers and project planners to optimize rig activities and manpower. His experiences also include: Subsea BOP troubleshooting and testing, writing reports, regulatory compliance and documentation. He is detail orientated with a strong educational background in Mechanical, Electrical. Electronic and BOP Controls Systems. Mr. Will's expertise is supported by over 18 years of experience in the oilfields dealing with Well Intervention and Well Control. He is a proven team player with initiative and the ability to mentor others.

BOP MUX Controls Superintendent, Transocean; Subsea Engineer, Transocean; Instrument Technician, Scotia Instrumentation Limited; Equipment Operator Coil Tubing, Schlumberger.

Adam Khatib
Petrodynamics Analyst

Provided conceptual and preliminary design calculations and related drawings and models for prototype development of the SmartBOPTM. Assisted design team in material selection and sizing to ensure the engineered solution meets the specified requirements in the most stable, accurate, and efficient manner possible. Plans and oversees design development, verification and validation testing. Developed Finite Element Models (FEM) in relation to the engineering of the SmartBOPTM. Modeled quasi-static environmental operating conditions for SmartBOPTM and its peripheral components such as vents, robotic arms, rams, piping branch models, connections and fittings for deployment subsea, onshore, and for arctic structures. This included risers and umbilicals to verify reliability and durability against API, ASME BPVC, and DNV codes and standards. Generates reports and technical papers for linear and nonlinear static analysis. Develops and coordinates material and design verification testing for Finite Element Analysis (FEM). Established a database that can archive and generate quantifiable data that the command and control center can refer to in order to preclude well bore events. Generates reports and technical papers for linear and nonlinear static reference for data analytics and expect analysis. Generates comparative analysis reports using different scenarios as influenced by temperature, thermodynamics, hydrodynamics, etc. at separate time periods utilizing standard testing, real time events in generating reports, and conclusions in the proper engineering format. 

Noise and Vibration Specialist, KBR; FEA Analyst, National Oil Well Varco; Mechanical Engineer, T3/National Oil Well Varco

Proficient in Abaqus, ANSYS, Hypermesh, Solidworks, Pro-E/Creo, UG NX 7.5, Mathcad, C++, Python, FEMAP and NX Nastran.

Anuj Chugh
Manufacturing Plant Engineer 

Has complete knowledge of handling and programming all types of CNC machines. Conversant in: DMG Moeri, Doosan, Hwacheon, Trevisan, Juarasti, Danobat, Hessap. Experienced designing and programming dies through CAM software, and drafting and designing using AUTO-CAD. Familiar with ERP Software like AX and Infor, development of tooling for horizontal machining centre, 5 Axis machines, valve center and turning center from suppliers such as Sandvik, Kennametal, Seco; developed Jigs and Fixtures for the production of new wellhead components; complete knowledge of ISO documentation as well as solid modeling, surfacing, assembling and manufacturing through CAM; knowledgeable in machining both API 6A and API 6D components like gate valves, globe valves, check valves, BOP, casing spools, tubing spools, cross and blocks; established and managed the activities of KPI for production engineer. Has held positions as Manufacturing Engineer, Maintenance Engineer and Foremen; is experienced in mechanical maintenance of CNC turning center and machining center; trouble shooting of machines using PLC; control of all production and maintenance activities in the machine shop. Responsible for selection of machines best suited for machining of components; leading improvement activities; creating cost saving measures; liaising between shop floor workers and management team to achieve common goals, ensuring compliance with all needs of ISO 9001, OSHAS and Audits; organizing and coordinating daily shop floor management meeting and raising CAPA/RCA for various issues. Responsible for preparing budget for production machining, material planning, machine scheduling and production execution; co-ordinating with design team on the compilation of BOM; delivering production orders and involvement in cycle count on periodic basis planning. Involved with the process team on new product development, trials and monitoring the usage of machine capacity. Key user and actively involved in commissioning of ERP software; involved in implementation of MES system on CNC Machines; developed routing patterns for all components to be machined; ensured compliance of manufacturing of components as per API6A and API6D requirements. Knowledgeable about machining requirements and processes for all kinds of well head equipment up to 15K; experienced in handling and machining of tough materials such as Inconel; seasoned and well versed in making connections as per API like EUE, IF, Tenaris, Acme & Stub Acme.

Has worked at Hunting Energy Services, Saudi Arabia; WEIR Oil & Gas Services, Iraq; Delta Corporation, Doha, Qatar; Pushpa Gujral Science City, India; Hindustan Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd, Jalandhar, India; M/S Leader Valves Pvt. Ltd., Jalandhar, India.

Proficient in: AutoCad from Dataline computers; Ideas Artisan Series CAM from Computek International; computer basics including “C” language. Trained on ISO 9001:2000 from LLOYDS; CNC, DMG Moeri, Doosan, Hwacheon, Trevisan, Juarasti, Danobat, Hessap machines. Familiar with: compliance to all needs of ISO 9001 API 6A and API 6D, OSHAS, Audits; Bill of Works (BOM); API connections i.e. EUE, IF, Tenaris, Acme & Stub Acme.

Alexander Moradi,
Chief IT Engineer            

Solid knowledge of subsea long-range wireless communications systems, as well as onshore infrastructure: analog, wireless, microwave and satellite. Highly skilled Telecommunications Engineer considered a guru in the planning and installation of Command and Control Centers and Call Center systems. Broad background from both the equipment vendor and end user aspect. Successfully managed and designed multi-site call center environments for Con-EdisonComputer AssociatesEstee Lauder and MetLife. Experienced in managing and supporting external telecom projects/products for clients of Siemens. Highly organized with the ability to effectively manage multiple projects, people and resources. Strong business sense for ROI analysis, purchasing, cost control, vendor management, staff leadership, problem solving and training. Has created BOMS and proposals in support of sales activities. Leading Senior System Engineer for 24/7 respond and resolving issues in various environments for global enterprise customers such as Fortune 500 clients Con-EdisonLufthansaEstee LauderMet-Life and BlueCross BlueShield throughout New York, New Jersey and New England. Implemented and engineered comprehensive IP-based products including converged voice, video and data networks, TDM, voicemail, VRU/IVR, CTI and Siemens’ products. Traveled to customer sites to validate and troubleshoot large distributed call centers and provide hands-on second level break/fix remedies for clients such as American Airlines, Kaiser Permanente and Time-Warner Cable.  Instructed over 100 call center classes for Siemens’ Engineers: provided on-site class-room training for customer call center supervisors and agents in over 15 states for national clients such as Met-Life and Citi-Bank.

Proficiencies: in Subsea Long Range Wireless Communications Systems; IT analog, wireless, broadband, virtual private network design, and microwave technology; Siemens’ suite of advanced voice and data networking collaboration products. Has designed wide area networks and Unified Communication and Call Center/Command and Control Center; virtual environments; ROI and TCO analysis for customer technology refresh; VoIP Technology; Siemens PBX; VoIP integration and related protocols– SIP, H.323; Contact Center metrics for Siemens and Avaya; Verint and Mercon recording and monitoring products; voicemail; traffic engineering; manpower calculation; video-conferencing; IVRs, CTI, ACD,  Media Gateways; Servers; Test and Monitoring Equipment, CISCO Systems, MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook.